Kids' World Child Development Center

Hours of Operation:  7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

About Us

St. Mark United Methodist Church has established a valuable ministry through the child development center, providing quality early education and daycare services for young children.  Kids' World teachers model values and traditions that define Christian living, integrating these concepts into curriculum areas in ways that appeal to the interests of children.

Our aim is to foster a positive disposition toward learning during the early formative years of a child's life.  In this program, children don't simply gain information, but learn how to make decisions.  Knowledgeable teachers and well organized classrooms create a balanced program that addresses a child's needs in every area of development--communication and language skills, problem solving, motor development, social reasoning, self-help, and creative expression, to name a few.  Children also learn patience and compassion as they begin to interpret life through the eyes of others.

We believe in promoting positive and mutually supportive relationships with families, and we welcome all children into our Christian environment, where love and learning are a part of everyday life.

The SC Division of Child Care Licensing and Regulatory Services inspects and licenses the center, along with inspections by the fire and health departments.

Special Events/Activities
Weekly Music and Movement Classes
Christmas and Spring Choral Programs
Weekly Chapel for Children's Worship
Back to School Night (for parents)
Tumble Tots (optional)

Prospective parents are always welcome to make arrangements for a tour of the center.

The Director of Kids' World is Susan Fennell.  Susan began her career in developmental child care in 1982.  She taught preschoolers before moving into early childhood administration, an area in which she has worked for eighteen years.  Before coming to Kids' World, she was also an elementary school teacher for ten years.


School Calendar


Kids' World follows the District 50 closings and delays for inclement weather.  Please look/listen for these announcements, so you will be aware of our closings or delays. 

Susan Fennell

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Fall Semester Begins

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day - CLOSED

Christmas Program - 5:45 p.m.

Christmas - CLOSED

New Year - CLOSED

Conferences - TBA

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Good Friday - CLOSED

Teacher Appreciation Week

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Summer Program begins

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