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Pastor John Elmore, Jr.

Parish Pastor

Just Do or Just Be

This time of year many people start thinking or talking about some type of New Year's resolution.  They are becoming resolved to have some behavioral modification in their lives.  I too have made a New Year's resolution or two throughout the years of my life.  The reality is as Christians we understand that we need and should see change in our lives as part of our faith and daily walk with Christ.

This need for change and growth sometimes is in extreme contrast with how live our lives.  The Nike slogan says, "Just Do It!"  Which matches many of our actions and reactions to the busyness of our daily lives.  Often times in my own life and many of the people around me, we tend to put forth the mantra, "get it done."  We tend to put our head down and lean in with our shoulders and push or pull with great determination to "get it done" when life gets busy.  We are a doing people.  I understand that well, it is how I am personally wired this way.  I like to see tasks completed, to have a finish line so I can say, "I achieved something."  Anyone else feel that way?  We are a doing society.

Recently, I have found myself pondering and wrestling with the spiritual ideas of "doing" verses the "being."  Even as I type that I feel an uneasiness roll through my emotions.  Being, or abiding in Christ, seems hard for many people, myself included.  The reality is that if a person does not abide or stay connected to Christ there is no doing or no doing that will matter in the long run or eternally.  For the Christian that does not take time to abide or "be", there is no way for that Christian to change, grow, or do what Christ desires.  I am afraid that we are like a person just spinning their tires on their car.  A lot of smoke, using up the car tires without going anywhere.

I think we all need to grow in Christ, see changes in our lives, but it must start with our being.  When is the last time you thought about being righteous, because God has made you righteous?  How about forgiveness, grace, peace, hope, or loving?  Yes, I want to see people and a church that is doing things for the Kingdom of God.  We must first allow our hearts, minds and souls to abide and be in Him.  I am resolved to grow in my faith this coming year and it must start with my being in Christ.  How are you doing?  Is it from your own means and energy or is it because you attached yourself to Christ, abiding in Him that you are doing?  Be then do. 

Peace and Happy New Year,

Pastor John