Church Directory – Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

St. Mark respects your privacy.  Contact information is included if you provided this information to us during the photography session.  Please let us know if you do not wish your contact information to be in the directory. 

We strongly encourage all members to refrain from using information in the Church Directory for anything other than ministry purposes.

If you would like to be a part of our church directory, or change information provided in the directory, please email to

Who Can I Contact For More Information or to complain about usage of my information?

Please contact our church office ay 864.229.5416 during normal business hours. Complaints can be directed to Debra Robinson at 864.229-5416 or at

The church directory is safe and secure.  You must have a login and password (that you have created) in order to access.  If you have trouble accessing the directory, please contact Debra Robinson at or at

(864) 933-2957.

In order to keep our directory up-to-date, please either change your information on the site or notify us if any of your information changes.