Why attend Sunday School?  It improves Bible knowledge, assists spiritual growth, provides a place to belong, builds meaningful relationships and give you an opportunity to serve and minister.

We would love to have you join one of our Sunday School classes listed below.​​

Nursery (Room 126)

(Contact:  Julie McLaughlin at julie@stmarkgreenwood.com)

Our paid staff and volunteers enthusiastically welcome the little ones each Sunday.  They look forward to being a part of each child's first experience in God's House. 

2 Year Old Class (Room 128)

(Contact: Julie McLaughlin at julie@stmarkgreenwood.com)

Paige and Russell Holley lead this group of two year olds as they discover Jesus' teaching through an organized fun time at Sunday School. 

3 and 4 Year Old Class (Room127)

(Contact: Julie McLaughlin at julie@stmarkgreenwood.com)

Our preschoolers are taught by Beth and Keenan Kelly and Ana and Russ Fitzgerald.  They are currently teaching the Deep Blue Preschool curriculum.  The Bible stories are presented in a way that is engaging and appropriate to our three and four year olds, through a combination of video, live storytelling, and crafts.

​​K5 - 3rd Grade (The Gathering Place)

(Contact: Julie McLaughlin at julie@stmarkgreenwood.com)

Our younger elementary students meet in The Gathering Place each Sunday.  The leaders are Paula Prince-Burton, Casey Tompkins, and Tricia McCrea.  They begin their Sunday school time with songs that reinforce their Bible curriculum, Deep Blue Middle Elementary.  The Bible stories are presented in a way that in engaging and exciting for our elementary children, through a combination of video, live storytelling, and crafts. This is a high-energy, exciting look at the Bible!

4th and 5th Grade  (Room 101)

(Contact: Julie McLaughlin at julie@stmarkgreenwood.com)

The teachers are Kim McLaughlin and Jennifer Creswell.  The main focus every Sunday is understanding the story from the Deep Blue Older Elementary curriculum. They study key issues from the lesson.  If time permits, the class words on a lesson-related craft.

Middle School (6th, 7th and 8th Grades) (Room 103)

(Contact: Julie McLaughlin at julie@stmarkgreenwood.com)

Teachers Chris Tripp, Alyson Perrin, and Ken Campbell lead this class.  The LIVE curriculum is used.  A loud, fun group that has active talks to help break out and have fun while seeing God's wonders in a new way.​​​​​​​​​

High School (9-12 Grades) (Room 107)

(Contact: julie@stmarkgreenwood.com)

Teachers Todd Philcox and Robby Lybrand rotate to lead this group through the Bible using the LIVE High School curriculum.  This customizable curriculum provides students with an understanding of the Bible and how it relates to their life as high school students and beyond .  Classes are informal, and discussions go wherever the class leads.

Adult I Class (Room 118)

(Contact:  Skip Heintzelman at skiph@mywesleycommons.org)

In 1965, Adult 1 was the first adult Sunday School class created at St. Mark. We are a group of caring and sharing older adults who enjoy our fellowship with one another as we seek to understand and practice our Christian beliefs.  Four dedicated teachers lead in our study of the Uniform International Bible series.  Come join us, we are small in number but large in friendship.

Charles Poore Class (Room 112)

One of the larger Sunday School classes at St. Mark, this class varies in age and marital status - young and retired, married and single.  Class President, Frank Hill, conducts the business portion of each Sunday's class.  Teacher Wanda Hill's conducts a highly participative sessions on The Story curriculum.  This class has quarterly socials and periodic fundraising activities to support the church's many needs.  This class is a very close knit group, who truly want to learn more about our Lord and believes in having a good time doing so.  They are continually searching for ways to improve their Sunday School class and St. Mark.  Visitors and new members are always welcome.

Cross Talk Class (Room 122)

Cross Talk is a newly formed class aimed at young married couples and parents of younger children.  Following The Story curriculum, this group meets round-table style and gears discussions toward relevant life application.  The class gets together regularly for times of fun and fellowship with their families.  New members are always warmly welcomed.  

The Covenant Class (Room 102)

(Contact:  Coleman Robinson at crobinson@selfregional.org)

The Covenant Class is composed of members in their 30s-60s, singles and married.  The curriculum is based on Bible study with emphasis on understanding the word of God and how it applies to daily life.  As with all classes, they are studying The Story series.  Members are involved in numerous service projects such as the Pathways House, foreign medical missions, just to name a few.  Social activities are scheduled once per quarter where members meet and share wonderful food and fellowship.  The class is always open and welcoming to new members, so feel free to drop in!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Seekers Class (Room 105)

With the goal of the Great Commission in mind, this class seeks to carry the scripture lessons, readings and in-depth discussion of Sunday School into everyday life.  This class is a cross-section of singles and couples who have the common desire to hold each other up to the Lord and be accountable to each other.  Members have fun seeking the truth on Sunday morning and that translates into mission and social activities.  The class is lively and interactive with opportunity for each person to question and comment.  The doors are always open to visitors and new members who want to be a better disciple for Jesus.​​​

​​The Fellowship Class (Room 106)

(Contacts: Bob Templeton at mbtempleton@embarqmail.com; Glenn McCaffrey at gjmccaffrey@centurylink.net; Mary F. Durden at maryfdurden@al.com )

The purpose of this class of middle to senior aged adults is to make and develop disciples of God by reflecting Luke 10:27—“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind” and to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” While using a contemporary, Bible-based curriculum by Christian authors, members and visitors are encouraged to share their thoughts , ideas and questions as they “fellowship” with God and each other while learning to see our world through His point of view. Additionally, our “fellowship” is evident through participation in: 1) quarterly class socials; 2) numerous outreach/mission services such as Greenwood Pathway House (homeless), Epworth Childrens’ Home (orphanage), Soup Kitchen and Food Bank (hungry), Salvation Army (needy), Backpack Ministry (weekend meals for children), etc.; and 3) as a vital part of our entire church family, we “go, grow and glorify” God together. The “fellowship” door is always open to newcomers and visitors of all ages.

Pairs and Spares (Room 110)

(Contacts:  Fred Latham at flatham@earthlink.net, Fran Brown at franbrown112@gmail.com, Candy Gillian at cgillian@embarqmail.com, and Church Kelley at janeytkelley@yahoo.com)

Fred Latham, Fran Brown, Candy Gillian and Chuck Kelly lead this class of about 48 members who range in age from mid-40s to mid-60s.  Members are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.  Age and background are not a big factor with this group and all newcomers are welcome.  Social events throughout the year allow members to fellowship and get better acquainted, while the annual Christmas party results in plenty of stories and fond memories for the New Year!  The class sponsor a "Greenwood's Child" family at Christmas and provides meals for members during illness and bereavement.

​​​​​Wesley Class (Room109)

(Contact:  Whitney Marcengill at marcengillw@gwd50.org)

This class is for single and married adults of all ages who are looking to study the word of God.  We engage in a variety of lessons including both DVD studies and book studies.  We are a very close gruop who love to share God's love through service to others.  The Wesley Class also supports and participates in various outreach programs such as the American Cancer Society, Miracle League, Pathways House, and Adopt-A-Highway among others.  Fellowships are planned to get together and enjoy each other's company.

​​IGNITE (High School Classroom at RSC)

(Contacts:  Tracey Burke at tltb70@yahoo.com or Tammy Marshall at tmarshall29649@gmail.com)

Tammy and Tracey teach this small group that meets on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. upstairs at our Rivers Street Campus.  This group is designed for anyone ages 18-30 who are looking for a place to fellowship, study the word of God, and ignite a passion to make disciples!

Daily Walk (Puppet Theater at RSC)

(Contacts:  Tracey Burke at tltb70@yahoo.com or Tammy Marshall at tmarshall29649@gmail.com)

Tammy, Tracey, Todd Markward and Kay Elmore rotate teaching this small group that meets on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. at the Rivers Street Campus.  It consists of adults in various seasons of life taking a "daily walk" with others to study the word of God and dig deeper into a relationship with Him.

I Found the Key (IFK)

(Contact:  CJ and Megan Johnson at cjjohnson2009@gmail.com)

A small group, ranging from 25-35 years old or young and up and coming families, for developing Christians.  In this group we challenge, uplift, support, and encourage and old one another accountable.  Everyone is allowed to express themselves with no fear of judgment or resentment from other group members.  Through the good times and the bad times this group is a support system in this very chaotic world.  This extension of God's family is designed to help you grow in Christian love and faith, by being in a place where sharing and hearing others' thoughts can help you grow.  We push ourselves and each other to live to the higher standards of a full and rewarding Christian life.  If you would like to learn more about Christ and/or continue to foster your own relationship with Jesus Christ; then place join us. The group meets Sunday evenings from 5-6:30 p.m.