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Pastor Steve Brown

Senior Pastor

A Mystery...The Incarnation

He stood on the edge and looked down and waited.

How long had He been waiting?

Did it seem like the blink of an eye...or an eternity?

The sounds of heaven echoed in His ears

   "Holy, Holy, Holy" sung round the throne,

   the Song of Creation ringing out.

The blur of angels' wings caught the corner of His eye

   their beating, moving, to and fro, here and there, ever faithful,

   ever obedient, ever about His will.

His eyes looking forward, His back to all behind him,

yet He could still feel

   the pulse of Love, the heat of Holiness, the weight of Glory...and His Presence!

One step and it was all over.  One step and it would all begin.  One step.

And He waited.

Waiting for the word, this Word of God, as He had a creation

      Let there be light! - the Light of the World made light!

      Let there be life! - and the Life made life!

Heaven still within His reach.  The earth waiting just before Him.

Waiting, wanting, wishing, willing, promising, purposing, powering,

emptying, obeying, loving, waiting.

Waiting for the words to all be spoken

   in Heaven, in Eden, in Ur, in Canaan, in Egypt, on Sinai,

   in Israel, in Babylon, in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Galilee.

   through Jacob, Balaam, Samuel, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah,

   through Ezekiel, Joel, Micah, Zechariah, Daniel, and Malachi;

   to Adam, Abraham, Isac, Jacob, Judah, Moses, Joshua,

   to David, Elijah, Hezekiah, Zechariah...and Mary;

The Word of God spoken now waits for the sound and the hearing,

   the calling and the naming, the speaking and the sending.


NOW comes the Word -

      Let it be unto me according to your word

NOW comes the Word - 

      You shall call Him Jesus for he will save the people from their sins

NOW He leaves and now He arrives -

   Yet, how many steps does it take from Heaven to reach Earth?

   Does He hold His breath as he plunges from Heaven

   or does He breathe it all in as He enters the earth?

   Eternity stops as His time begins,

   The Infinite now contained within the womb of a woman

   The Word of God now silent for nine months

   ...until a baby's cry.

      And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us...God with us.

With Joy,