Pastor Steve Brown

Senior Pastor

Greetings to the Saints of St. Mark!

In the beginning, the Lord God said, “I’m going to write me a STORY.” So on the empty pages of eternity, God began to write THE STORY. God said, “Let us write upon the pages the story of creation and humanity, the story of my glory and creation’s worship, a love story for the ages.” And the Lord God wrote into the pages of creation beautiful scenery and the grand panorama of nature on earth and in the heavens. He had been writing for about a week and then He stopped and stretched and pulled out a mirror.

Looking into the mirror, God wrote “man” and “woman” into His STORY and smiled. He placed them in the midst of the beautiful scenery and then gave them each their own pens. The Lord God began to share the STORY, His passion for writing, and His guidelines for writing. He said to them, “You may write on the pages anywhere there are the lines to guide but you must not write all over the pages for it will ruin your story and mess up the STORY.”

Now the serpent was a hack writer who had been to college. The serpent said, “Hey, guys! Look at all the words on the pages where God is writing. But see the margins, there is room there for you to write your own story. Go on, express yourselves! Cross out the words YOU don’t like. Write what YOU want wherever YOU want however YOU want!” So the man and the woman began to write in the margins and between the lines of God’s writing. They crossed out words and tried to erase others. And the plot began to lose its meaning and the STORY became confused with all the other stories. The STORY began to be read like a tragedy.

So the Lord God said, “I will enter the story to tell them THE STORY myself” and wrote Jesus into the STORY. Jesus taught that one must not write their own stories but let God write His STORY through them. Some people saw what Jesus wrote and began to follow His style. Others tried to ignore His words and kept writing what they wanted. Eventually, some took their pens and pinned Him to a cross until His ink ran dark red upon the page. And Jesus died. And the serpent slithered out again and took his pen and wrote a giant period after Him to mark:

                                                       Jesus dead . . . THE END . . . 

                                                  But then came Easter . . . Jesus arose !

               And the period that had marked THE END was rolled into a , THE BEGINNNG

The new beginning for all humanity in God’s old, old STORY. For you see, wherever the red ink ran it covered over the mistakes of men and women, changing the ending to their stories as they now found their place again in THE STORY. Jesus is alive and the STORY is no longer a tragedy but a great love story — the greatest love STORY of all.

So let His STORY into your story and let your story become part of THE STORY. Let Him fill your pen and fill your life with the every part of THE STORY. Write well and live boldly, trusting in His love and guided by His hand. Then your story will find its place in THE STORY, which is the NEVERENDING STORY of God’s great life and love for all.


With Joy,