Pastor Steve Brown

Senior Pastor

Greetings to the Saints of St. Mark!

5 I consider the days of old, and remember the years of long ago, . . . 11 I will call to mind the deeds of the LORD; I will remember your wonders of old. (Psalm 77:5, 11)

May is a great month to remember and to celebrate a lot of special people, isn’t it? Consider that we celebrate Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May. Most of remember our mothers with warmth and smiles and of all the thousands of ways she made us feel loved. Those fortunate enough to have their mothers living and near enough to be with, well, they are doubly blessed.

May ends with Memorial Day, another day to remember special people. These people most of us don’t know by name and were not alive when most of them died fighting on behalf of our country. Its beginnings come after the Civil War and honors those who fought on both sides. From a war that led to our nation’s survival, those soldiers remembered include World Wars I and II, the Korean, and Vietnam conflicts, and the most recent Desert Storm. We remember those who gave their lives defending us and other nations to protect our freedom and theirs.

We will be celebrating the youth of the church this month as they lead us in worship. Their presence and involvement in many areas of the life of St. Mark remind us that they are not the church of tomorrow but today. Youth Sunday will also allow us to celebrate and receive our Confirmation Class for this year into the professing membership of the church. They have learned the stories of the faith, shared in the learning of faith lessons, and are claiming the name of Christ-follower for themselves even as, for many, it was claimed on their behalf at their baptism. Confirmation and Youth Sunday remind us that the Christian faith is at its heart a relationship with God that must be remembered, lived out, and passed on to each generation anew.

We celebrate this month with our graduating seniors. How different – and thankfully so – this year is from last year at this time. Learning during a pandemic caused modifications, deviations, cancellations, variations, alterations, and so many other changes they had to navigate to reach their goal. Our prayer is all these differences to the normal ways and means of learning will help them in the future and not have harmed them.

Unique to this May will be the reception to celebrate and remember the ministries of Pastor John and Pastor Dan. We have been blessed for almost three years with a very effective and grace-filled team of pastors to serve our church. I have personally been blessed, encouraged, and cared for by each of these fine pastors.

You know, if we think about it, every Sunday is a time of celebration and remembrance. Every Sunday, in May and every other month, gives us an occasion to celebrate God’s love and grace, to remember who we are and Whose we are, and to give thanks for God’s goodness and His blessings. If we are honest, we are people prone to forget. A pandemic overshadows so many things, the disruptions to our life capture our attention or the familiarity of routine dulls our senses. Sunday comes and calls us to lift up our hearts and hear again the call of God on our lives and for our lives. We gather and are reminded to center ourselves on the permanency of God, build our lives upon the rock of God’s Word, and see the world and others around us through the windows God opens in our hearts.

May is here so let’s celebrate, remember, and be thankful!


With Joy,