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Give Beautiful Gifts to Others

As followers of Jesus, what are Christians known for?  Are Christians known for being Gracious, Kind and Giving?  Are Christians known for surprising others with a valuable gift that honors them and shows them that they are loved?  That's what God did on that First Christmas Day.

This Christmas Season Give Beautiful Gifts to Others

It's God's Way of Giving to Us!

The Christmas Season is a wonderful time to show people what it means to be a Christian - a Christ follower - filled with God's Spirit - Gracious, Kind, and Giving.

"Be Kind and Compassionate, Graciously Forgive One Another Just as God has Forgiven You through the Anointed, our Liberating King."  Ephesians 4:32 (VOICE)

The Gift to Others on that First Christmas Day is Jesus - The beautiful grace of God, God's surprising gift was:  small enough to be hidden in a mother's womb and large enough for everyone to receive.  God's gift is the reason we have a gift giving season.

So this Christmas Season - surprise someone and give them a beautiful gift.  Wrap it in beautiful paper - or get someone to wrap it for you - make it a present that is appealing and honors the one you are giving it to - someone who you have never given a gift to before.

Ideas:  Maybe show up at a Fire Station with a big present and a beautiful bow - when they open it - they are surprised to find a delicious meal inside, or put a gift in your mailbox, or leave a gift for the wait staff at a restaurant or give a beautiful gift to someone on the street.  These are only a few ideas to jumpstart your imagination.  Be creative, be generous and be kind.  Let others see Christians are known for being gracious, king and giving.  It's kind of a big deal - it's beautiful and it's a God thing.

This Christmas Season Give Beautiful Gifts to Others

It's God's Way of Giving to Us!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Dan