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Pastor Dan Smyth

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Warm You Body and Soul

Bundle up -- it's cold outside!  Now that the temperatures are dropping below freezing it's the time of year to warm up with a good cup of something hot to drink.  And don't just warm your body with say, a hot cup of tea -- warm your soul.  Find a quiet spot, prepare the tea and read Scripture -- yeah, the Bible -- yeah, by yourself.  It will not only warm your body and soul -- it will refuel your faith, hope, and love.  Begin reading the stories of Jesus in the Gospel of John and pray, asking God to give you a fresh insight.  I recommend reading a new translation for the New Year like -- THE VOICE -- it's written in today's language.  Reading Scripture with a warm drink is a pattern I began years ago -- just don't begin like I did.

We were living in England, in the Chelsea area on Oakland Avenue.  (Recently, I found the little house we lived in on Goggle Earth -- I could not believe it was still standing!)  One day, when it was cold outside, I took a red double-decker bus to an English Tea House near Piccadilly Circus and ordered a hot cup of tea.  Now that I was in the 8th grade, I thought it was pretty cool to order a cup of tea in London by myself, but it didn't turn out as I had planned.  The british are known for their tea around the world.  I asked for a cup of tea with lemon and a biscuit -- they call cookies "biscuits" in England.  And they always prepare a cup of tea by first putting in milk before pouring the tea from a pot.  After I was served, I added a dollop of honey and lemon, stirring the cup.  But before I took a sip, I noticed the milk in the tea was sour.  I called over my server and complained.  She apologized in a beautiful English accent and brought me another cup.  Again, I added the lemon and honey, but called back the server complaining, the milk was still sour.  "Oi," she shouted in a not so pretty accent, "what you doin, Mate.  The lemon is souring the milk!"  Young and naive, I high-tailed it out of there -- learning basic chemistry the hard way!  To this day, whenever I prepare a hot cup of tea -- I remember my embarrassing gaffe in London.  Maybe that's why I recommend having a "quiet-time" -- alone!

Seriously, something warm to drink and reading Scripture go well together.  It can be coffee, tea or hot chocolate -- choose what you like.  Then, start a habit of reading Scripture during this cold season.  Just remember, if you enjoy tea prepared like the British do, leave out the lemon -- you can thank me later.

See you in Church,

Pastor Dan