Pastor Dan Smyth

Associate Pastor


I grew up watching The Roy Rogers Show every Saturday morning. Roy and his wife, Dale Evans, along with Trigger, his Palomino horse and Bullet, his German Shepherd dog, were the stars in the number one TV show back in that day. The show's theme song, “Happy Trails,” was written by Dale Evans and sung by her and Roy at the end of each episode.

So when Dale Evans came and read a book with the Billy Graham TEAM Members’ children at the 1957 NY Crusade - I had to be in the room. The other day, Stephanie, Billy Graham’s personal secretary for as long as I have known her, sent me a picture of that eventful day pointing out that I was the one standing, (near Dale Evans as she was sitting reading a book) wearing a suit and tie - even though I was only 5 1/2 years old.

I’m still looking to see if my six-shooters that I would wear - everywhere I went - can be seen bulging out from under the cream colored suit. Billy’s daughter, Gigi, is sitting in front of me and might be blocking them from view. Although, I’m sure Momma had already spotted my favorite companions and made sure they were left in the car. I remember my often repeated protest; “But Momma, I need to rescue the weak and helpless from the clutches of dishonest lawmen, bank robbers, claim jumpers and rustlers.” All Momma would do is give me “The Look.”  I told Stephanie that the black and white photo reminded me of many Precious Memories.

Looking at old pictures can do that for us all. We can share with those who were not present when the pictures were taken. During the Easter Season we remember the stories of Scripture - without any old photos. We remember because those who were there tell us their stories. They too look back at -

Precious Memories.

So, how did the Apostle Peter look back with affection? Remember, he denied Jesus - yet still when he looks back he remembers - Precious Memories. Peter learned - even though sins stained his life as an inky darkness;

We Are Precious To God.

“You are chosen…God’s Own; So That You May Proclaim The Wondrous Acts Of The One Who Called You Out Of Inky Darkness Into Shimmering Light.” 1 Peter 2:9

We are called from our own “inky darkness” into “God’s Shimmering Light.”
We are precious to God. So, look back at all the years of being
God’s own child as - Precious Memories.

Happy Trails to you,

- Pastor Dan

See you in Church,

Pastor Dan