Pastor Dan Smyth

Associate Pastor

Water and Wellness

Summertime has a way of restoring and renewing us maybe because there's more time to enjoy the outdoors - more physical movement, more leisure-pleasure with family and friends, more daylight to enjoy the day.  More time to be in or around water - to splash in the pool or walk on the sand.  Maybe because there's more time at the beach - where there's plenty of water wellness.  Our trip to the beach this summer seemed to be just what our family needed.

When you walk on the beach you think outward - away from yourself - away from your problems.  You see the expanse of the ocean and begin to rethink new possibilities.  Your problems seem to look smaller in a world of wonder.  Maybe it's a combination of the ebb and flow of the tides - something you have no control over - along with a change of scenery - that inspires discovery.  Like when my great grandson and I discovered sand fleas living just under the sand at the edge of the waves - we thought we discovered baby crabs - a better sounding term if you ask me - but that's just it - who asked me?  We discovered a whole new world without use - we were just - new observers - learners - finding joy in the moment.

Maybe it was the added benefit of the abundant vitamin D - from the abundant sunshine - you know that vitamin your doctor keeps telling you is so good for you - it uplifts your moods - strengthens your bones and does so much more.  Just one of the many benefits from the summer sun.

Maybe it was being in a place where the family could be together with time and space to do - "their own thing" - swing on a hammock - ride the waves in the ocean - take a dip in the pool - walk on the beach or feel the sand in your toes.  Not to mention, shop or hop to the store and pick up something new or something good to eat or simply enjoy the fun of a waterslide.

Maybe it was comforting to see so many taking social distancing seriously.  All staff wearing masks, elevators with signs allowing only one family at a time.  Maybe it was that there were plenty of sanitizing stations and lots of open spaces.  Maybe it was because we didn't eat in crowded restaurants and instead prepared meals together or picked up take out.

Maybe it's just being in a different place that offers so much distraction from the ills of the world right now.

Maybe it was more than just water wellness.  Maybe is was seeing a beautiful rainbow after a thunderstorm and remember; God's Promises are Never Broken.

Pastor  Dan